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Battlemax QR Pumps

BATTLEMAX QR slurry pumps are designed for long life, ecient operation and ease of maintenance.

QR pumps have high-chrome wet ends with expeller or stung box seal arrangements.


Bearing assembly and shaft

  • The shaft is designed with a short overhang to:
    - Reduce shaft deflection
    - Minimise vibration
  • Provided with hardened shaft sleeve to protect the shaft
  • Bearing assembly is retained on a one piece frame
  • Grease-purged piston rings to help seal contaminates out of bearing housing


  • Enclosed impellers to maximise efficiency
  • Pump-out vanes on both shrouds
    - Minimises re-circulation
    - Reduces stung box pressure
  • High chrome liquid ends
  • Interchangeable hard metal impellers
  • Impeller clearance is set by moving the bearing assembly
  • High efficiency impeller optional

Single casing with assembly clamps

  • Easy assembly and disassembly of liquid end
  • Clamp design facilitates rotation of volute
  • Large volute reduces friction and wear
  • Minimal parts + simple design

Centrifugal seal option

  • Reduces or eliminates need for gland service water
  • Reduces sleeve wear and possible bearing contamination

For conventional packed stuffing box and lantern restrictor construction, gland service water must be provided at a minimum of 100 kPa above discharge pressure to ensure positive flow.

Where suction conditions allow, the Battlemax expeller seal can eliminate the need to supply water to the stuffing box. Where high suction pressures or series pumping is required other methods of sealing must be utilised.

Expeller and expeller ring are constructed of Hi-Chrome material. Shaft sleeve material is 14% chrome hardened to protect the shaft from wear.

Vertical Spindle Pumps

VS and VSR slurry pumps are designed for tough slurry pump applications

  • Abrasive and/or corrosive applications
  • High specific gravities
  • Continuous duty pump applications
  • Solid handling applications
  • VS50 twin discharge top suction is available only with high chrome or stainless steel materials
  • Can operate in snore conditions


  • VS - 27% and 35% chrome iron
  • VSR - elastomer moulded
  • VS50 - 27% chrome or stainless steel


  • VS pumps - metal or elastomer moulded
  • VSR pumps - elastomer moulded
  • No shaft seals are required
  • VS Impeller adjustment is made by shimming between the bearing housing and the mounting plate attachment to ensure maximum performance
  • Metal and moulded elastomer impellers are available and are dimensionally interchangeable
  • VS50 pumps - 27% chrome or stainless steel

Column assembly

  • VS and VS50 pumps - metal column
  • VSR pumps - elastomer metal column

Bearing & Shaft Assembly

  • VS and VSR pumps are cantilever shaft designs. Bearings are grease-lubricated with double-row taper thrust bearing located at the lower end of the bearing housing, and roller-line bearing at the upper end of the bearing housing. Bearing and clearing adjustments are not required when assembling the bearing housing assembly. VS and VSR pumps of the same sizes are dimensionally interchangeable
  • Bearing loads are minimised using double-sided impellers


  • Moulded elastomer for VSR and metal for VS and VS50
  • Tailpipe configurations optional on VS pumps


  • Agitator optional on VS pumps to prevent settling and sump silting

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